I’ve lived in both the city and the country and could make equally valid arguments as to which one of them is “better”. I like the convenience of city living but sometimes miss the peace of the country. Thankfully through art I get to explore both of them, both in person and via photographs.

I’ve also discovered what I call “TV sketching”, where if I see a scene in a TV show I’d like to paint, I pause the show and sketch from it. It’s a great way of finding new scenes to paint that I’d never find if I was deliberately looking. It also gives me a legitimate reason to watch TV ... "I’m not wasting time, I’m looking for new paintings!”

There are a lot of paintings of my local area here, and most of them have gone to live with people in other parts of the world. Doing my bit for tourism, as it were. But some of them have come from photos other people have sent me of their part of the world. It’s a cheap way of seeing the world, and without all those tedious hours in airports.

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